Balance Part 1

“We’re going to have to run okay?  I’ll carry you, but you’ve got to promise you won’t look.  No matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, you have to keep your eyes shut extra tight and you can’t open them ’til I say.  Understand?”

“Yeth,” she said.

Screams sounded outside the door they hid behind.  A powerful humming vibrated the door and the walls.  He didn’t want to leave this uninhabited home, a quiet refuge amid chaos.

“Mithter?  Are we gonna die?  Like mommy and daddy?  I don’t want to die like them.”  Her eyes swam with fear and her diminutive body trembled as she tried to be brave.

Heart aching, he forced a smile, a lunatic smile, all twitchy and shaky, “You can call me Jack, remember?” Continue reading


Serial Story

Tomorrow, I will upload the first instalment to one of my stories.  It will be an ongoing tale I plan to update weekly.

Everyone is invited to read it and comment on it.  Any and all comments are welcome. Please feel free to message me with any critiques or suggestions you may have.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Uncomfortable Silences

Dark Eclipse #10, an E-magazine, is available at

It features news, editorials and stories about the world of horror.  Uncomfortable Silences, my tale of clueless thugs on a midnight errand, can be found inside.

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party, the first story I ever published, can be found in Spinetinglers Anthology 2011.  It is a tale about a coven of modern witches and the ritual they must perform to stay wealthy and young.  Great collection of stories from new and established authors.

Spinetinglers Anthology 2011 is available for purchase at  Please follow the link for more details.

A New Suit

Frightmares! A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror is an anthology with great stories for those with a short attention span or who just want a quick bite of horror.  It is available at

It contains scary stories of only 500 words or less.  A New Suit is one of mine.  Please follow the link for more details.

The Tunnel

Dark Moon Books Ghosts Anthology.  Tales of supernatural entities going bump in the night, day…whenever.

Great collection of ghost stories…The Tunnel is one of mine.  It is available at Please follow the link for details.

Cracklin’ to appear in a Fistful of Horrors Anthology

I had been reading a lot of Elmore Leonard and Louis L’Amour westerns.  I saw a request for horror themed westerns and wrote a tale of cruelty and revenge.  I enjoyed writing it and was very happy to have my story selected.

I will post the link to it soon.  It is scheduled for release on June 30, 2012.