Out of the Basement Part 1

The day Tim’s world ended didn’t start off differently from any other day. He woke to his alarm, scrambled into the shower before his younger brothers could, drank some milk and inhaled a pop tart on his way out the door to school. He didn’t even see his parents. They were always long gone before he got up and he was amazed how his lunch was always ready for him. He did have a quick glimpse of his brothers as they fought over the toaster and Tim gave the younger one, Sean, a quick yank on his underwear as he passed by. Before he he left his house, he heard a “Damnit, Tim! You jackass!” His teeth flashed, oldest brother work completed, and walked to school, his unlaced shoes scuffing the sidewalk as he moseyed along. It was the last time he’d see his brothers alive. Continue reading


To be continued…

Hello everyone!

I hope the world not ending worked out well for you. It did for me. A lot of you have expressed an interest in more Balance posts. I sat down, started writing and it flowed very well. Almost like the story was already written in my head, ready to spill from my clacking fingers.

So, expect a new Balance instalment this Friday. My sister, Alana, has already edited it and after a few tweaks it will be ready. I will be posting bi-weekly this time. Every week was causing me some stress.

So, please share, like, follow and encourage others to do the same. I’ve enjoyed watching the site grow and interacting with all of you who like the story.