Kindle edition! Ya-Ya!

Hello friends.

Doll House is now available on Kindle. If you happen to be a part of Kindle unlimited you can get a free version, otherwise, if you want it, you’ll have to purchase it. Either way, once you have read it, please take some time and leave a review. Every little bit helps.

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Thanks again to Black Rose Writing, my publisher, for all their hard work and support. Check out their site for other books from other authors who, like me, are looking for attention. Enjoy. Click the link below.

Black Rose Writing



It’s out, the book that is…

So, it is official. My book is now available through other online outlets. For all of those who ordered it and read it, I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to contact me if you want. I am, for the most part, easy to talk to.

Please visit my Facebook page dedicated to the book and if you’re so inclined, please hit the like button. Such a simple thing but it helps.

Below you will find a link to all the retailers selling my book. This is only paperback format for now. Within the next couple of weeks an e-book will be available. As always, thanks for any support you’re able to give.


Barnes and Noble



Mighty Ape