Lots of stuff going on…

Holy cow! John’s posting something? It’s true. I neglect this blog with irregular regularity. I have no excuses other than a full time job, four kids, one of whom has a job and the other three are active in sports and working on my next book, but yeah, I could actually make time…I suppose.

Anyways, I’m writing this because lots of awesome people have been enjoying my book, talking about it and sharing it with their friends. If you happen to be one these people: thank you.

To business. A blog called With Love for Horror Books, has reviewed my book and put it on their site. During this time there is a free giveaway for my book. Three ebooks, one paperback and one paperback signed by me. So, if you wanna, check it out and enter to win here:


Secondly, the fine Goodreads group Psychological Thrillers have chosen my book as the June book of the month! For real! On May 30th, 2017, I will be live on their thread so if you have any questions, save them. I will post the time when it is known.

Thanks. Have an excellent day.


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