Horror Factory now available in print! Yay!

Horror Factory now available in print! Yay!

G’day everyone!  Horror Factory is now available in print.  Wicked sick!  Be sure to click on the link for more details.

The link is the smaller blue font…


Click Blue Link Below For Horror Factory e-book on Kindle

Link For Horror Factory on Kindle

Hello everyone,

Here is the link for the new e-book.  It is available on amazon for Kindle.

Check it out!

Horror Factory Cover

Horror Factory Cover

Here is the cover for the book my next story is appearing in. I may be biased but I think it looks awesome! Ya-Ya!

I will keep you posted on the release date. Bam!

A Break – Dark comedy on a cruise ship.

The release date for my next published story is getting close!  The publisher required a biography, or a mock-ography, with a photo.  My oldest son is painted up like a devil and peering creepily over my shoulder.  I’ll post the link when it is available.  It will be in e-book and print format.  It’s not your typical tale of terror.  It is more of a dark comedy with a frustrated killer being pursued by a woman who just won’t leave him be, trapped together on a cruise ship.

A Break scheduled for a Halloween release!

Hello everyone!  Another one of my stories has been accepted for publication.  A Break will be published by Horror Factory in an eBook format, tentatively scheduled for a Halloween release. This story is more of a dark comedy that takes place on a cruise ship. 

Thank you all for your support!  I appreciate all the sharing, reading and commenting! Cheers!