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The tragedy and awesomeness that is Jason X!!

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am a big Friday the 13th fan. Like, it’s kind of silly how much of a fan I am. When I was a kid, I was terrified of Jason. I was terrified of potato sack-head Jason and then, hockey mask Jason. If I was away, camping, with my family when I was younger, I couldn’t sleep most of the time. I was convinced that Jason was watching us from the trees, waiting for us to sleep so he could murder us one by one. The only thing my parents learned from this was to not let me watch horror movies.

I continued to watch them. And the more I watched, the more interested I became in horror. I wanted to know more about the killers. I wanted to know more so that I could lessen the terror they caused me. Fear is usually about the unknown. If I knew more, then I thought my fear would dissipate.

And when I was younger, Jason scared me the most.

After Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter, the series started (for me) to fall apart.

Each installment became sillier. The fear was gone. But still, I watched them all. And although they were silly, they were entertaining to one degree or another and there was the nostalgia factor. Jason was still doing his Jason thing and the teens were still doing their teen thing. And then, there was, JASON X.

I watched this again the other day for the hell of it. And it was still terrible but also really fun to watch. Here’s why.

Get this: The government tries to execute Jason. They can’t. Each time they kill him, he comes back to life. Then they decide that it might be useful to learn why he can’t be killed and maybe apply that knowledge to their own soldiers to create a super soldier. You with me, so far? Isn’t this hilarious?

As you can guess, this goes wrong. Jason kills a bunch of soldiers and when he is chasing after the one scientist who thought the whole super soldier idea was a bad one, Jason is cryogenically frozen by that scientist. Before he is completely frozen, he stabs this scientist through the metal chamber he was locked in and before she can bleed out, she is frozen too. Now, fast forward 455 years. Yeah. Still with me? How awesome is this?

The Earth can no longer sustain life. Scavengers find Jason and this scientist. Using nano-technology, an android, and medicine from the future, they bring the scientist back to life. They think Jason cannot be salvaged. But as you already know, he comes back to life. Now it’s Jason on a spaceship, in space, killing all the crew members and the space soldiers on the ship. Just typing this out is making me smile.

Jason is killing them all and seems unstoppable. Then they upgrade the android and she takes Jason out. Half his head is blown off, one arm is shot off and a leg is also blown off. They leave him there, thinking he can’t come back from that. Right? Wrong again.

The nanorobots spill over Jason and because there isn’t enough of his tissue to reconstruct him, the nanos use the metal of the ship to complete his resurrection. Uber Jason is born.

Image result for jason x images

I forgot how funny this movie was. But even though I enjoyed it, I really wish a reboot of the series could bring back that terror I once felt. It’s supposed to be a horror movie after all.

What was your favorite Friday the 13th film? Let me know. I’m curious.

Have a great week. Be kind to everyone.


Butterfly Kisses. A hidden gem? Well, yeah…it is.

You know, because of all the horror movies I’ve watched over the years, I’ve numbed myself, for the most part, to the horror of them. Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before, but it’s true and it’s relevant to this post so I’m writing it again anyway.

I don’t jump and I don’t make Ah! noises. Kyle, on the other hand… Good horror movies can raise bumps along my skin. They can also make my hair feel like it’s trying to pull away from my body. The Conjuring is one of those films. And you know what? Butterfly Kisses is another one. If you love horror, and you haven’t seen this film, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Go and watch it.


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Looking for the DIFFERENT in Horror…

On occasion, I try to find horror outside of the norm. I find myself GTS’ing (Google That S#*t) topics like best unknown horror films, or great horror novels you’ve never read. And I don’t confine searches like that to just horror but for the purposes of this blog, I’ll limit it to horror.

I found a video on YouTube. The channel was called CLEAR CRITIQUE. The video was titled 6 Horror Movies (that are Actually Scary). From that title, I was intrigued and so I watched the video. The list contained three horror movies I had seen and three that I haven’t seen. Not only haven’t I seen them, I never even heard of them.

On this list…ready? The ones I have seen…

IT FOLLOWS. Great film. Scary. Newer plot premise that was refreshing. Yes, new horror can be refreshing…

PSYCHO. Classic. Some truly creepy moments. Showers were never the same after this film.

THE WITCH. I really liked this film. Was it scary? Nope. Not to me. But it was interesting, dark and surprising, so, well worth the watch.

Now, the ones I haven’t seen…

REC. A 2007 Spanish horror film. Critics said it set the bar for found footage films. I need to see it. Have any of you seen this film? Is it as good as the hype?

MARTYRS. A French psychological horror film. This has been described as uber-violent with torture porn elements. Unless it is intrinsic to the plot, I’m not a huge fan of torture porn. I am one of the few horror fans who couldn’t stand Hostel. And I like Eli Roth. But I couldn’t stand Hostel. It was too much for me. So, I don’t know about this one. I might give it a shot. If I can find it that is.

PERFECT BLUE. This is a Japanese Anime horror film. Likened to a Glee type of horror because of the soundtrack and musical quality to it. I like animation, anime, in particular, can be beautiful, but it is a cartoon. Can a cartoon be scary? Disturbing…sure. Scary though?  I have my doubts. But I don’t have an opinion. I’d have to see it first.

Check out the video here:  Clear Critique

Any-hoo, let me know if you’ve seen any of these films and what you thought.

Have a good one. Be kind to each other.



Mandy! Although, it should have been called Cage-y! As in Nicholas Cage…yeah, I know, it’s early.

You know the drill…here is the poster!


Horror fans! This week we discuss this psychedelic trip down a horror lane of a movie titled, Mandy. Truthfully, I didn’t really know what to think of this film. Kyle had a definitive opinion and, well…listen in here: Movies of the Damned!!

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Horror stuff and things…Friday the 13th. Ch-ch-ch-ch, ha-ha-ha-ha.

As some of you may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for slasher-type horror films. It could be that I first became fascinated with horror when I was a young lad and being chased into my dreams by the likes of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger that coerced me down the path of being entranced with all things wicked. And if you’re like me, or not, or just a curious person in general, you’d want to know more about your favorite teenage stalking, impossibly immortal and iconic killers after the movie ends. But the movie ended right? There is no more, right? Fear not. There is more, and, really, I haven’t even scratched the surface of how much more.

There are Friday the 13th novels. That’s right. Book adaptations of the movies and…brand new tales of terror! Check out the title below!

Church of the Divine Psychopath Cover

Read this delightful premise: The first in a brand new series of Friday the 13th shockers! Jason Voorhees is reanimated and worshipped by a bizarre religious cult. When a SWAT team is called in, it’s time for Jason to go about his bloody work and wages a one-man war against both sides.

What? How awesome is that? But if you want to get a paperback copy, it’ll cost you. It’s listed at $170.00 on Amazon. No kindle versions. What the heck?

But if that’s not awesomeness enough, check out this title:

Hell Lake Cover

Hell Lake! Mu-ha-ha-ha! Read this description: The second in a brand new series of Friday the 13th shockers! Jason Voorhees enters the realms of Earth by climbing a stairway from Hell. But this time he’s accompanied by a terrifying clutch of infamous (fictional!!) serial killers, all eager to challenge his crown as the ultimate killing machine.

Hell Lake will only run you about $70.00 on Amazon. But, how about that young adult in your house? Did you ever think, damn, I wish they had a Friday the 13th book for my teenage kid. Well, wonder no longer!

Mother's Day Novel Cover

Love it! I’m kind of geeking out here. Except this one would rob your bank account of about $225.00 on Amazon. You know, I’d buy the Kindle versions if they had them. I know, I know, paperback is best but I’m NOT going to spend that much on a Friday the 13th book. No matter how cool they are.

They also have Jason X novels. But I don’t want to discuss those. Ever.

Next on the list: Comics! Yeah. These gruesome books have Jason and Leatherface hanging out together. They have Jason stalking teenagers who foolishly once again tried to open the Crystal Lake Campgrounds. They even have Jason vs. Jason X (cringe).

The cool thing about the comics is that they are unashamedly gory. It’s comic gore, so, not so bad, but man, they push some limits here. The covers are excellent as well. Have a look for yourself.

There are video games with Jason, forums about Friday the 13th, fan films, and whole communities talking about this franchise. I’m too much of an introvert to get involved with those groups, but I think it is cool to know that Friday the 13th had, and still has, such influence. When really, after it’s all said and done, he’s just a woodsman who misses his mommy. A psychotic, murdering woodsman, but when you think about it, the whole premise was quite simple yet it resonated with millions of people. Cool, right?

Any-hoo, if you love Friday the 13th, you should really check a fan film on YouTube titled, Neve Hike Alone. It’s incredible. I think it is better than most of the Friday the 13th, studio films. It’s that good.

It’s free to watch. Here is the link. I think you should check it out:  Never Hike Alone

Be kind to each people! Have a great day!

Little Knowns…about Psycho by directorial genius, Alfred Hitchcock.

Hello good people. I hope you are all doing well. I’m enjoying this whole blogging thing and decided I’m going to start a couple of series on here…something people can read for educational purposes on a topic that can’t really help them in the real world I suppose, but doesn’t make it any less interesting to me. That is, Little Known facts about awesome films.

Today, I will be writing about Psycho and some little tidbits of information that went into the making of this awesome, hugely influential film. So? Ready? Here…we…go!

Little known #1:

The movie was based upon the Robert Bloch novel titled, you guessed it, Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock paid $10,000 for the rights and then sent people out running to buy up all the copies to make sure the twist wasn’t prematurely revealed. The book was based upon the real-life serial killer, Ed Gein. A man with serious mommy issues and a penchant for making furniture out of human skin and, yup, skin suits. And he also liked to dress up as his mother. Sounds like that book pretty much wrote itself, wouldn’t you agree? You think this guy may have influenced the Buffalo Bill character in Silence of the Lambs? Yeah. Me too.

Little known #2:

Psycho was given an R-rating 24 years after its release. The movie was released in 1960. The MPAA rating system wasn’t created until 1968 and it took them all that time to get around to rating this classic.

Little known #3:

Paramount Pictures wasn’t a big fan of the idea for Psycho. They gave Alfred Hitchcock a limited budget and he financed the rest. They thought the film would be a failure and deferred most of the profits (60%) to Alfred Hitchcock. The film cost roughly $800,000 to make. It grossed close to 40 million. In 1960. Yeah. Paramount really misjudged that one…suckas!

Little known #4:

The incredible, iconic shower scene took seven days to shoot. It featured 77 different camera angles and 50 cuts for that one scene. It was worth it. There was a rumour that the water was kept cold for discomfort, to add realism to the acting but that wasn’t true. Because it took seven days to film, they made sure to keep it warm, otherwise, that would be just mean.

Little known #5:

There was a flushing toilet in the movie. Big deal, right? Well, back in those times it was a big deal apparently. Psycho was the first movie to ever have a scene with a flushing toilet. It was filmed in such a way to prevent the censors from removing the scene.

Little known #6:

Hitchcock really didn’t want anyone to spoil the movie. He made it a point that once the doors of the theatre doors were closed and the movie started, no one could enter. This was enforced by the theatre employees and a stern placard of Hitchcock himself (see below).


Little Known #7:

Everyone knows that sound adds to any movie. Whether it be the music or the sound effects, they both deeply add to any movie. To make the shower scene more realistic and increase the audience’s terror, they needed to get the sound of stabbing into flesh just right. In this case, they lined up a bunch of melons and recorded the sound of stabbing them. They ended up using the sound produced by the casaba melon (shown below).

Image result for casaba melon

Little Known Fact #8:

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated for an Academy Award for this film. It was the fifth time he had been nominated for an Oscar. He had never won an award. Yeah. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, did not win an Oscar. That must be some kind of crime right there.

There are plenty of other interesting facts for this film. I included the ones I thought were interesting to me. If you want to know a little more, check out the below links. They are where I found some of my information.

Please like, share and all that. And remember, be kind to each other. Have a great day!