Apostle on Netflix, third book almost ready, and the busiest time of the year…

This week, we discuss Apostle on Netflix. It was interesting but riddled with, you know what? Listen in and you’ll hear what I mean.

In other news, my third book is almost, finally, ready to be sent out. My last two books were picked up by Black Rose Writing, an awesome group of people, but this time, I will be seeking an agent for representation. My first two books did great so I am optimistic about my chances. We shall see.

It is that time of year when every weekend is filled with obligations, familial and otherwise, and trying to find time to squeeze in podcasting, running, writing and work will be very challenging. That being said, I do love this time of year. The lights, the family, the beer, ah yes, the beer. A most wonderful time of the year, indeed. Even the snow isn’t that annoying. It can look beautiful, painting the ground in a white coat of clean, and frosting the limbs of naked trees. After January, the snow can go away, but up until then, it’s nice.

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An Agent of the Beard

I have tried to grow a beard during the winter for the past five years, well, maybe more. I usually last a month before the itchiness drives me crazy. I’d shave it off and there would be a deep sense of relief. My bearded friends would tell me to just wait longer, the itching would go away and I thought, ‘Lies!’

Turns out…they were right. I stuck it out this year and the scratching, feeling like little gnats were running all over my face sensation, went away. And now, I walk around in the cold with a hair-scarf on my face. That’s what it is like, because my face is always warm, and I like warm. Warm is good.

Considering I can’t grow any hair on the top of my head (except for a few tiny wisps not even worthy of a comb-over) and I refuse to grow a skull-et (a ring of hair on the sides and back of my head) I am very happy with the full beard on my face. It is not patchy, or thin or scraggly looking. It’s a little grey in spots but hey, I’m at the age where a little grey is fine so, no biggie.

So now I am a proponent of the beard. My dad has had one all his life. I have only seen photos of him when he didn’t have a beard. I’ve never experienced a beardless dad. And now I know why he kept it. The beard is glorious. Only problem is, no one (except for my eldest son) in my family is a fan of the beard. Not beard haters, more like they prefer me without one. I’m keeping it! I’m looking into more beard care kits to make it smooth and glossy, a wonderful face-mane. If anyone of you have any suggestions on a kit, please let me know.

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Let’s talk about Annihilation…the movie, not the real complete destruction of the human race.

This film is based on a best-selling book trilogy, that planned to spawn two more films, to make a film trilogy, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. The box office take was…underwhelming, and money almost always dictates further sequels. It’s a shame though. Good movie, good premise. Watch the movie. Have a listen to us and decide for yourself.


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You’re Invited…no, no, that’s too punny. Just listen in as we discuss, The Invitation.


This was definitely an interesting film. Real questions, with no real answers set against a backdrop of cultism, and, yup, murder!

It’s fun. Scary. All the good things, and, in my opinion, it’s smart too. So, listen in to learn why me and Kyle both thought this was a movie worth the time invested to watch it.

And, have you read my books yet? Almost 1500 reviews on Goodreads for Doll House and still maintaining a four-star rating. The Tracker is one review shy of 100 on Goodreads and yup, it’s rocking a 4.17 star rating. Give them a shot. Then let me know what you thought.

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Oh, the weather outside is…weather.

It’s that time of year when you get up for work, it’s dark out and when you leave work, it’s dark out. Ugh. But, it could be worse right? I could be living in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town, and when winter hits, I wouldn’t see the sun for 67 days! What!? I need my sun! In the summer though, they get 80 days of uninterrupted sunlight. That’s a lot of sun. Anyway, it sure sounds like a first world problem (which aren’t really problems when compared to the third world variety) and I should probably shut up about it.

Point being…it is a great time of year to dig a blanket burrow in your bed, curl up with a book and read something to raise the hairs on your arms. May I suggest something? May I plug my two books here? No, no, I won’t. But they are on the right. Under the Published Works banner, the two novels at the bottom, right there. They are both doing really well with reviews (both 4 stars and better). I do want to say I read the Stephen King short, Elevation. I enjoyed it a lot. Not a typical story. Not horror, but I would definitely say it was interesting and of course, well-written.

And…if you don’t feel like reading, listen to our podcast MOVIES OF THE DAMNED!! We talk about horror movies and offer our opinion on if it was good or not, and what made it effective…or not. It’s good fun.

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Two for the price of…free, I guess.

A little while ago, a director named Jed Brian, reached out to us to review his film. It’s called Unlisted Owner and it is on Amazon. Click on it to check it out. So, after the disclaimer that me and Kyle are NOT industry professionals or trained critics and that we are really just two dudes who like to watch and dissect horror films, he sent us a copy and we watched it. We didn’t like it. We told Jed we didn’t like it. He wanted us to upload the discussion anyway. And you know what? I thought that was cool. Here’s a guy, making movies with little to no budget, trying to get his product out there, and doing the whole promotional thing on his own, still wanting us to upload what we thought of it, while knowing we didn’t like it, and I thought, good for him. He believes in his product. He believes in himself.

So…I think we dissected it fairly. Please let us know if you agree. But because we reviewed a movie we didn’t like, we thought we’d upload a movie we did like, to balance it out, you know? OVERLORD. In theatres now. GO SEE IT!

Here is awesome poster #1!:


And #2!:


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#1 with a bullet! Well, more like a long, meandering walk…but #1!

The FreeBooksy promotion for The Tracker was yesterday and look what happened!


#1! Holy Cow! It’s currently #2 in the paranormal category, #6 in the fiction category, and #28 overall. Like #28 in all the categories!

And today it will be on BookBub! So, if you haven’t already, get your copy today!

And join me and my friend, Kyle, on our podcast Movies of the Damned!! as we discuss horror films.

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